• Welcome to Namcrafts

    Indigenous Namibian crafters create authentic crafts from local materials.
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  • Crafted from the best.

    Carved and crafted with passion by hand from the locals 
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  • Handmade natural beauty

    Experience the warm welcoming feeling of Africa through our products
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Why Namcrafts

Established Business

Proving itself to be sound in business practices and in touch with its stakeholders. As well as more than 20 years experience in handmade crafts and exports.

Upliftment of the local community

We want to make a difference in the  communities in which we operate.To give hope for the future to the unschooled as well through training.

Products are unique

We continuously work to improve our manufacturing and designs for our markets.

Pleasant customer relationship

In our unique African way: Friendliness and African warmth is our aim.

Customer knowledge

For this reason, we appeal to both the local and international clientele.
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Connect with us

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